Digitalizing Insurance Workflow

We provides customers with convenience, flexibility and payment security that enable insurance policies and premium features with confidence.

Insurane agency Profits

We put Agencies at the centre of everything you do.
Reimagine the customer experience and offer hyper-personalised services when and where they are needed.

Direct Payment Recievable

We can help agencies create trnsfer funds sent directly to bank account. Sender just needs to select Bank account when arranging a money transfer.

Management of Receivables

Good receivables management will directly contribute to your businesses profit due to its ability to reduce bad debt

We help to create strategies, design & development for Digital Insurance Solutions.

SSSSCO is modernising Digital Insurance system by re-platforming it onto secure cost effective cloud-enabled infrastructure and enabling the benefits of modern technologies, environments and architectures.


Real time and automated reconciliation

Our reconciliations solutions automate and standardise processing to enhance match rates. Our technology can be flexibly deployed through the cloud, via managed services and more. Managed Services. Dedicated Innovation Lab. Cloud Environment. Stress Testing. BPAAS.


Advanced Software for Insurance Automation

Automation solutions in the insurance industry can streamline business operations and improve customer-facing digital capabilities. Insurers looking for competitive advantage should consider the role of automation and industry technology trends to improve the customer experience, business efficiency and profitability.


Reduce legacy IT debt

Dedicated reverse engineering technology provides heavy lifting of the data model directly from your legacy data stores. Powerful screen generation feature simplifies a standardized UI on top of your data model in a few clicks.


Ensure regulatory compliance

Enterprise-ready security and compliance with comprehensive audits that meet the needs of highly regulated industries such as insurance. Sophisticated platform role-based security prevents potential data-leaks

Bring Of Your Prception

Digital Insurance has entered another age. New advanced Agencies are showing up all over and innovation is key to progress. Each Insurance Agencies should disturb or confront interruption.

Insurance Specialist

Put customers at the centre of everything you do.
Reimagine the customer experience and offer hyper-personalised services when and where they are needed.

Technical Knowledge

Optimise your technology stack and bring costs into line with success.
Your roadmap to modernisation can begin anywhere, with clear milestones along the way.

A worldwide Insurance Expert

Harness the power of data, artificial intelligence and advanced analytics. As a data-driven Insurance Polices, you can eliminate guesswork, transform processing and uncover new opportunities.